Cool, right?  You know what’s even cooler?

I made this during a move.

Yup, that’s right. I did.  I’m sitting in my brand new bedroom, surrounded by boxes, piles of clothes, items scattered everywhere, with a badly bruised tailbone from a fall down the stairs.  I can barely walk right now, but I’ve still managed to hop around and unpack a few boxes before I sat down (ouch) to write this blog entry about how I designed an app during the insanity of a family move.

Yeah, I’m awesome. *winks*

I sort of knew this project was coming before it actually hit, so I had a bit of a plan going into it.  There’s one kind of app I dearly wish I could have for myself, and that’s a personal weather tracking app that not only allows me to work with local weather, but allows me to learn about meteorology.  Basically something that gives the little storm chaser inside me something to do.

This app will not only allow you to track weather locally, it will also allow you to “type” the weather phenomena in your area.  See a cloud you want to learn about?  Photograph it, upload the photo in the app.  The app then checks it against a big database of cloud photography and gives you the best match.  You can then learn about your cloud, why it’s there and what it’s going to (most likely) do in the next 12-24 hours.

Warned by another student against designing too many pages (and pressed for time because I was moving), I only designed the screens that I felt would get the most use, and be the most representative of this concept.  Other screens likely would be created for this project, but not used as much as the screens seen here.

Like so many other projects this semester, I designed this in Illustrator.  Unlike many other projects this semester, I also used Photoshop and InDesign!  Once I had designed the screens, I loaded them into an iPhone mockup (shameless Apple user here), and then imported the mockup into InDesign to create my presentation PDF.

Type My Cloud

Type My Cloud2

Type My Cloud3

Type My Cloud4Type My Cloud5


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