New Project: Design A Book!

Make that book cover since the pages will be blank, essentially making this a non-book.  Assuming that this is a thing...  Anyway, I planned out my workflow so that I can see just how much time I do waste on the weekends. Workflow: Choose three titles to work from Create three “streams” of sketches from these … Continue reading New Project: Design A Book!

Real Problems, Real Solutions FINAL

I have created three campaign posters to be used by localized, grassroots movements and volunteers for mustang advocacy.  My posters are designed to create awareness in the average person by comparing American mustangs to other iconic endangered species.  My hope is that this will help change the perspective of the wild horse as an invasive … Continue reading Real Problems, Real Solutions FINAL

Take a beat…

And... when inspiration ran dry this week, this is what I did.  I nabbed a photo of Onew, the lead singer in the Korean group SHINee and played around with some double exposure techniques in Photoshop.  When I do something fun like this, I like to chose something that furthers my skill with the software. … Continue reading Take a beat…

One way to paint a rhino

Having decided on the subject of my first Graphic Design III assignment (Mustang Advocacy), I am spending my free moments immersing myself in advertising to raise awareness of endangered species.  This video (and others in the series) is particularly inspiring.  Note that this artist is using both hands.

Inspiration: a definition

What does it mean to be inspired? "Inspire" is so overused that we’ve forgotten what it means. The original definition means “to draw in breath, to inhale, to infuse.” Applied to ideas, poetry, and art, the word inspire means to be infused, as God breathed life into man. This is suggest a higher working indwelling … Continue reading Inspiration: a definition