Low Poly Artwork

And lo, we have a Low Poly Art design that properly belongs in Design Applications III but turned out so darn good that I just had to post it here.  Seriously, I can't believe I actually pulled this one off.  I've been dying to try something like this for forever, but Adobe Illustrator is pretty intimidating. Regardless, it … Continue reading Low Poly Artwork

Real Problems, Real Solutions FINAL

I have created three campaign posters to be used by localized, grassroots movements and volunteers for mustang advocacy.  My posters are designed to create awareness in the average person by comparing American mustangs to other iconic endangered species.  My hope is that this will help change the perspective of the wild horse as an invasive … Continue reading Real Problems, Real Solutions FINAL

Real solutions to my problems

It's really amazing what a full night of sleep can do to refresh the mind.  I woke up this morning ready to tackle my Real Problems, Real Solutions project again!  Per suggestions from my classmates, I'm going to retouch the tiger/horse and then create an image that will be used in a poster, brochure, and card. … Continue reading Real solutions to my problems